Master Thesis

Current topics for Master Thesis

We offer master thesis connected to our current research projects

Master thesis topics are available in the areas: plant breeding, plant-pathogen-interaction, genetics of disease resistance, plant-biotechnology, and related fields.

Thesis topics could be of interest to students in agricultural science (e.g. plant sciences, agricultural biology, phytomedicine) and biotechnology (plant biotechnology).

If you are interested in plant breeding and genetics and in susctainable crop production, then contact us!

Current topics for thesis are for example (not exclusive):

  • Evaluation of spelt wheat (Triticum spelta) accessions for multiple fungal diseases in field experiments.
  • Evaluation of experimental populations (bread wheat, durum wheat) for resistance to Fusarium head blight in field trials.
  • High resolution genetic mapping and analysis of a MUTANT wheat population.
  • (Assisting in) positional cloning of a major Fusarium-resistance QTL in wheat.
  • Validation of candidate disease resistance genes in a TILLING population of wheat.
  • Genomic prediction of performance, quality and resistance traits in winter wheat.
  • Genetic and phenotypic analysis of virus resistance in pumpkin.


Please contact one of the workgroup leaders:

Prof. Hermann Buerstmayr (02272 66280 201)
Prof. Marc Lemmens (02272 66280 204)
Dr. Barbara Steiner (02272 66280 205)
Dr. Wolfgang Schweiger (02272 66280 205)