The IFA-Tulln was founded in 1994 as a joint research institution of three major universities in Vienna, the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna (VetMed), the Vienna University of Technology (TUW) and the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna (BOKU). The idea has been to enable the collaboration of scientists with complementary background in the interdisciplinary area of agrobiotechnology under one roof. Their expertise covers modern biotechnology in plant and animal production, environmental biotechnology, animal nutrition, feed science and (bio ) analytics and biopolymers. Today, 127 BOKU employees (plus > 40 staff from TUW, VetMed, guest scientists and students, ...) are working in 6 institutes at the IFA-Tulln which has become a department of the BOKU in 2004. The most important milestones its history are provided in the following summary:

1987 Negotiations between the Federal Ministry, the Government of Lower Austria and the City of Tulln
10/1990 Federal Law Gazette “BGBL” No. 156/1989 – decision on the foundation of the IFA-Tulln - entry VI scientific research paragraph 2 “Interuniversitäres Forschungsinstitut für Agrarbiotechnologie – Tulln” – contract between the Federal Ministry, the Government of Lower Austria and the City of Tulln
1990 Official presentation of the “Project IFA-Tulln”
1990-92 Planning period
12/1990 Contract with the “NÖ Hypo Bauplanungs- u. Bauträgergesellschaft mbH” for the construction of a building - total volume 430 Mio ATS net
04/1994 IFA-Tulln trial period starts
1995 IFA-Tulln in full operation
11/1997 IFA-area owned by Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft mbH (BIG) – plot 2218/7 EZ 295 – size of the property 91.153 m²
01/2004 IFA-contract signed between the partner universities BOKU, VetMed and TUW, based on UG2002 § 136 Abs. 5
07/2004 An advisory board with representatives of BOKU, TU, VetMed and of Lower Austria was established
07/2004 Prof. Peter Ruckenbauer retires (Founding director and Head of the IFA-Tulln for 10 years)
10/2007 Start of the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Rapid Test Systems for Allergenic Food Contaminants
2009 Appointment of Rudolf Krska to Full Professor of Bioanalytics and Organic Trace Analysis (endowment by the Government of Lower Austria)
2009 Appointment of Hermann Bürstmayr to Full Professor of Plant Breeding
2009 Start of the Special Research Programme (SFB) Fusarium funded by the FWF
2010 Prof. Rudolf Krska becomes head of the IFA-Tulln
01/2011 Start of the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Mycotoxin-Metabolism
04/2011 Integration of the Institute for Animal Nutrition, Products and Nutrition Physiology
09/2012 Start of the Joint Proficiency Testing Scheme for Water Analysis in Cooperation with Umweltbundesamt
01/2013 Appointment of Georg Gübitz to Full Professor of Environmental Biotechnology and Technical Microbiology