BOKU-Symposium Tierernährung

This was our 16. Boku Symposium: der gesunde Verdauungstrakt


Thanks a lot to our guests, sponsors and helping hands.

Thanks for this support, so it was possible to make such an interesting, informative and successful event.

Fotogalerie, poster list and conference program (here the download).

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17.BOKU Symposium on 12/04/2018.



BOKU-Symposium Tierernährung

April 27, 2017

16. BOKU-Symposium Tierernährung 2017 - April 27, 2017



Maintaining the gut integrity has high priority in the nutrition of farm animals.

Three important areas are relevant to maintain gut integrity aiming the healthy animal gut:

  • the feed,
  • the gut mucosa
  • the gut microbiota.

The diet composition may influence the physiology of the gut. The physical form of diets, and their nutrient and energy content interact with the gut microbiota, favoring some microorganisms, preventing the growth of other ones. Microbial metabolites are generated taking influence on nutrient absorption.

This network of feed, gut mucosa and microbiota contribute to achieve a healthy digestive system. The challenges in animal nutrition are to produce a high valued compound feed, which attain the requirements for animal performance, animal welfare and well-working gut microbiota, resulting in the efficient use of nutrients and energy.

In the 16th BOKU Symposium Tierernährung several aspects related to the healthy gut are discussed.

The manuscripts submitted to the symposium should inform about current scientific work, possible application in practical animal nutrition and invite to discuss the issues for a large audience. Besides the general theme of the symposium, contributions are invited to report on current research work in the areas of animal nutrition.

Sponsors of the 16th BOKU-Symposium Tierernaehrung 2017

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