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The main objective of this study is to investigate the impact of elevating temperature and CO2 air concentration on the nutritive value of Dactylis glomerata L. growing in permanent grassland managed under cutting. Changes in nutritive value is mainly supported by plant related measurements like development state determination, leaf to stem proportion, and their synchrony in relation to maturity & response to the simulated biotic stress condition. These relevant information are useful to understand changes in plant morphology, phenology and forage quality, as a result of a changing climate. Predicting the response of the forage crop to stress conditions will help to adjust management practices, determine the optimum harvest date at the proper stage of maturity to achieve highest nutritive value, which will be positively reflected on the animal’s performance. This will end up with a profitable, environmentally friendly grassland-based dairy production system.

The sustainable and efficient utilization of resources and therefore the extensive use of phytogens containing bioactive compounds gain notably in importance. Depending on the grade degree of polymerization, phytogens in the organisms either act as antioxidants or as components interacting negatively with nutrient digestion, mostly proteins. A prooxidative environment, which is created via increasing amounts of reactive oxygen species, can have an impact on the organism and subsequently on the zootechnical performance, the gut functionality as well as the quality of the food of animal origin.

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