• Center for Analytical Chemistry

The mission of the Center for Analytical Chemistry (CAC) of the BOKU-Department IFA-Tulln is to perform cutting edge scientific research and to develop advanced methods in the field of (bio‑)analytical chemistry. The CAC with its two Christian Doppler Laboratories is pursuing a highly interdisciplinary approach for the determination of chemical contaminants including mycotoxins and allergenic proteins in food. By employing metabolomics based approaches the CAC studies entire biological systems with a special emphasis on plant-fungi interactions. As a regular organiser of interlaboratory comparison studies our measurements are always accompanied by appropriate quality assurance measures. An integral part of our mission is to make our knowledge publicly available through publications, scientific and public presentations, conferences in combination with high-quality teaching and training of graduate and postgraduate students.

Organizational chart

organizational chart Analytical Chemistry
organizational chart Analytical Chemistry

Research Groups

Currently, there are three Working groups, four Research Areas and the Proficiency Testing Scheme (established at the Center for Analytical Chemistry)

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